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Educational Program


Playhouse aims to provide high-quality early childhood education and care for children, with consideration of each child's individual needs and interests. We cherish children's innocence and believe they are capable and active learners.

  • Play is the center of our approach in Playhouse Learning Center. We believe through play children have opportunities to communicate and work cooperatively with others. Young children learn best through play and play can develop their confidence and positive self-identity.

  • Small groups of children and better quality ratio. Every teacher and educator in our centre knows each child's needs and interests. We sometimes encourage combined age classes as there is an opportunity built into playtime for children of different ages to play and learn from each other, and for siblings to spend time together.

  • The high-quality school readiness program will help children in preparing for a smooth transition to school. Our curriculum is more than ABCs and 123s which has a wide range of skills including physical, emotional, social, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

  • Children can achieve their best developmental outcome when educators, families, and the community work collaboratively together. Playhouse has a close relationship with each family and the whole community. We would like to work with everyone together to raise our children. 

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