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Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

The CCS is a government subsidy to provide families with different levels of financial support to cover their children's cost of childcare.There is some important information that you need to know about the CCS

Who can get it?

You may be eligible if you or your partner meet all of the following:

  • care for your child at least 2 nights per fortnight, or have 14% care

  • are liable for fees for care provided at an approved child care service

  • meet the residency rules.

Your child must also meet both of these:

If your child attends secondary school, you may still be eligible if they need supervision. They must be either:

  • 13 or under

  • 14 to 18 with disability.

In these circumstances, you must provide evidence as to why your child can't be unsupervised. This may include evidence of your child’s disability. You also need to confirm an adult is unable to care for your child during this time.

Each person that’s liable to pay child care fees will need to apply for this subsidy and meet these criteria.

How much you can get?

Your CCS is calculated with three components:

1. The estimation of your family income

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2. The type of childcare your are using

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3. Your activity level

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(Information in this page was retrieved from in 17 Nov 2021)

For more information, please visit the government website for details: 

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